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6295 - Purple & Red "Sprig'd" Cotton - $18.00 yd.

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100% Cotton 50 inches wide
Burnley & Trowbridge Reproduction

This beautiful print was  inspired by the cuff portion of an infants's sleeve left for a girl in 1759 at the London Hospital.  The textile that survived showed enough of the motif to discern the repeating pattern of 3 different sprigs framed in a stylized frame.  The fabric appeared to be little worn & the dyes had not oxidized much showing the vibrancy of the red and the deep purple tone.  Patterns of frames and sprigs sometimes with the added motif of spots were a common denominator in many of the printed textiles we studied in this collection.  Often printed in one or two colors, the purple and red combination was a popular one.  The color match, motif pattern & scale are taken from the original token.  The cloth it is printed on is virtually identical in weight, weave and appearance to printed cotton we have documented.  This textile is suited to gowns, petticoats, Ladies jackets of all sorts, children’s gowns, men’s wrappers and banyans and perhaps the odd waistcoat front.
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