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6486 - Black, Gold & Blue Light Weight "Mixed Wool Flannel" - $15.00 yd.

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100% English Wool 64.5 inches wide

Mixed cloth suggested colors that were mixed together either by mixing yarns or in the case of medley in mixing fiber already dyed to create yarn.  This created a heathered effect of two or more colors and was common in many different types of wool cloth including worsteds such as camlets and pantaloons.  Wool Flannels in the 18th century consisted of a woolen yarn slightly twisted in the spinning and woven in plain or twill weave. This created a soft, spongy wool, not extremely sturdy but useful for a variety of purposes such as petticoats, gowns, underwaistcoats, jackets, children's clothing etc.  When fulled, flannel would become very lofty creating a soft but thick fabric.  If you intend to full this flannel you could loose 6 to 10 inches per yard in shrinkage.


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