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SILK142 - Soft White "Sattin" Silk - $18.00 yd.

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100% Silk  48 inches wide

Chinese, India, Persian, English & French "sattins" or "satten" is woven with a very fine filament warp yarn which floated across the surface of the fabric while the coarser weft yarn was buried.  Dull on the back side, the floating yarns created a shiny and lustrous face which was much admired.  It was found in advertisements and is often found in extant clothing as well as portraiture.  The V & A holds A French Silk Merchants book from 1763.  In it are a variety of silks: checks, figures, brocades, damasks as well as satins. This silk satin has great body and will suit Lady’s Gowns, Petticoats, Cloaks, Pelisses, Wrapping Gowns, Riding Habits Brunswicks, Jackets &Stays , Men's Coats, Waistcoats & Breeches,  Banyans and Wrapping Gowns, Linings, for outer garments, Lady's Hats, Bonnets and other Accessories.

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