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6193 - Superfine Black Wool Broadcloth - $30.00 yd.

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100% Wool 60 inches wide

Woven on a broad loom measuring 54 to 63 inches, Broadcloth in the 18th century was distinguished by its stoutness, tightness of weave, and denseness of fulling which was sheared close to create a silky but firm hand. The tightness of the broadcloth allowed it to be cut raw and left without raveling unlike flannels and other spongy wools.  Broadcloth was finished in various qualities from coarse to superfine. Superfine was a high quality broadcloth, heavily felted, teasled and shorn till it's surface had a low luster sheen much like velvet.  Because of the heavy felting  and shearing it maintained a thinner provile then the cheaper, loftier grades.  Extremely dense it held a raw edge, but was thin enough to be tailored and draped gracefully.  It is well suited to uniforms, Lady's and Men's outerwear, coats, breeches, waistcoats, Lady's riding habits, 19thc winter pelisses as well as any tailoring need.

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